We Inspire Young Minds

The Only Performing Arts Program That Makes Learning Spanish Fun

We Inspire Young Minds

Learn Spanish Through Performing Arts

We all know the incredible benefits of learning a second language for children. It boosts their academic performance, fosters cultural sensitivity, and provides a competitive edge in their future careers. However, there’s a persistent challenge: students tend to struggle with traditional language classes, often scoring lower than in other subjects. Engaging them can be tough. But what if we told you that we have a solution? Welcome to “Show Kids,” where children of all ages discover the joy of performing in Spanish. Here, we turn language learning into a thrilling journey through dancing, singing, and acting.

Why Show Kids?

At Show Kids, we believe that the arts are not just a form of expression but a fundamental need deeply rooted in our human nature. They offer a powerful means of connecting with others and understanding ourselves. Our team is composed of professional bilingual singers, actors, dancers, and educators who approach performing arts with a profound and empathetic perspective. Our mission is to inspire young minds to become not only better artists but also better human beings. Through unrestrained self-expression, cultural appreciation, and teamwork, we aim to nurture the growth of young talents while fostering cultural awareness and effective learning acquisition.

Show Kids In Shools & Organizations (Ages 2-12)

Bilingual Kids and other programs

Welcome to the future of language learning and cultural enrichment! Bilingual Kids is an innovative program designed for schools and organizations looking to transform the way students experience Spanish education. Explore the exciting world of Show Kids and discover how it can benefit your institution. 

We Offer:

  • In-School Residencies 
  • After-School Enrichment Classes
  • Show Kids Experiences

Show Kids for Parents

Are you searching for an extraordinary educational experience for your child? Show Kids is the answer you’ve been seeking. Explore how our innovative program can empower your child through the magic of performance-based language learning. All our Teaching Artists are bilingual educators and performers with years of experience

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We Inspire Young Minds


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