Bilingual Kids

Discover our innovative Bilingual Kids program! It is specially designed for schools and organizations looking to transform the way students experience Spanish education through performing arts. We tailored our program to your school’s needs.

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Three ways that we can work with your school, camp, or organization:

In-School Residencies:

Our in-school program offers students a dynamic and immersive learning experience in Spanish. Over a period of 10 -12 sessions, our bilingual Teaching Artists will work directly with students to enhance their language skills in a creative and engaging way, learning to sing, dance, and act in Spanish. The residency culminates in an unforgettable on-stage experience where young performers showcase the songs they worked throughout the residency.

After-School Enrichment Classes:

These classes are perfect for young performers who want to continue their Spanish language and performing arts education outside of regular school hours. Our instructors make learning Spanish fun and interactive, promoting cultural awareness and hands-on learning. At the end of the program, students will have a performance/open class for families and friends.

One-Session Experiences:

If you’re looking for a shorter, impactful experience, our one-session program with live music is ideal. It allows students of all ages to have a blast while learning a Spanish song, engaging in lively dance choreography, and improv games with two professional bilingual teaching artists.

Our program aims to make learning Spanish enjoyable and memorable, fostering a deeper appreciation for the language and culture through singing, dancing, and acting. Contact us today to bring this exciting program to your school or organization and provide your students with the opportunity to shine on stage while learning Spanish!