We’re a team of professional performers and educators with extended experience working with kids. Show Kids created its own curriculum, focusing on teaching leadership skills and social-emotional learning through performing arts. We inspire young performers to become better human beings while discovering their own voices.

Sofia Juan

Founder & CEO

Sofia Juan is a performer, educator and songwriter. For the past 13 years she has refined her teaching artist background, both designing and teaching on a number of cultural and educational programs in some of the most iconic institutions in New York City, such as Casita Maria, Arts Connection, Brooklyn Arts Council, Teatro Sea and Soyulla Artists. In particular she’s been specializing in curriculum development in the field of Education through the Arts for bilingual students, providing them with the tools for a better understanding of their own voice, while discovering their cultural identities.

Our Teaching Artists

Christine Echeandia

Teaching Artist

Camila Cardona

Teaching Artist

Carmen Caceres

Program Coordinator & Educational Specialist

Daniela Arias Acevedo

Teaching Artist

Sofia Ameglio

Assistant Teaching Artist

Meredith Peluffo

Teaching Artist